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I am not sure how many ppl have this problem but Iknow Momr1 and me have it.
Since about 5 hours I can't post on the geek anymore. It keeps giving me this message

The error returned was:

Flood control is enabled on this board, please wait 30 seconds before replying or posting a new topic

I have not posted anything in ages... anyone know what is going on? ♥


Well my day didn't go as planed. And first note to self, stop posting only when things go bad LOL

Hubby came home from work today with numbness in his arm again and his feet absolutly killing him. He is going to the doc tomorrow to have it checked out once more.

He feels he wants to retire cause his feet hurt so bad that it is getting to hard for him to be on his feet 8 hours a day.
I wouldn't mind him retiring right now - we set the date for Sept 1st 07 - but the fact is we will have money problems. We will get $700 a month less income which is a lot.
A few things we can do without...
cable tv, 2nd car would have to go, get rid of the fax machine and only have 1 line, get rid of magazine subscriptions etc. We are already refinancing the house so that will help too.

I just feel so scared that we will be in financial trouble. I know I am the kind of person who needs overview and right now I can not see straight anymore due to worries.
I will get a job myself as soon as I have my ssn and do what my body lets me to help.

Another thing is that hubby's ex will be getting $400 a month of his pension which was odered by the court in the divorce. Total bullshit if you ask me, but there is nothing we can do.
That means we will only have around 1500 a month income... we can't make it on that.

I see that he just can't do it anymore and I hurt for him. But I am so scared right now, it isn't funny anymore.
I see him being angry at himself for not being able to do it anymore. Wis I could say, hon retire, we can make it.... but I can't cause I am so frigging scared.
We had set the date in next yr so we would have time to look for another smaller home and work towards it but it doesn't seem Jack will be able to work anymore for long.

Just don't know what to do right now.
If anyone has any idea's, siggestions, please share!


Well peeps we got the new computer today and have been fooling with it for the past few hours.
I do not remember which birthdate I put in Neopets so it looks like I will not be able to get my Twinkling909 account back :(
I have tried 3 times now in the last 3 hours and all to no avail.
I will keep trying but I don't have a lot of hope since I just made something up and never thought I would actually have to use that again to log in. But it asks me for it now.
Oh well, there is always LJ to keep in touch :)

Neopets problems

Well, seems I have problems with Neopets. I was able to get on yesterday morning but after that nothing. I get the "Oops page alert" thing every time I try. I have heard at least one other person can get on neopets without a problem. Does anyone else have a problem or is it just me?
I have cleared cache, cookies and cakes lol but to no avail.

Would someone pls let Manda know that if she has to get rid of the Fire blumaroo she does not have to wait for me to take it from her, since I am not sure why I can not get on.

Going to try that pic of Viva again... not sure either why I can not post pictures anymore...



Starting to feel a bit better finally. Antibiotics are knocking it and me in the head lol Still coughing a whole lot but I sleep better, which is always good. Thanks for all the well wishes my friends. Will try to sign up with the Geek tomorrow so my name "Twinkling" won't be taken by someone else!
On a different note...
I just checked my hotmail mailbox and everything I had in there is gone!?
Did I miss something in the past week that that was going to happen?
Hope you are all doing well!

Odds and ends

Well time for an update here too. Been a bit down the last few days.
Last week got a letter from the Visa Center about having my fingerprints taken on 8-23-06 in Detroit. Good News and I was very happy.
2 days later, another letter about the fact that they could not process my application further cause papers are missing... pls send us the blah blah forms....
I already send them those last August, plus the money ($325,00!!!) and every W2, checkstub and whatnot they wanted. Been trying to get a hold of someone there but of course nada. Left 2 messages already for them to pls call me back but zip.
I had made copies of all the forms stating they received the money and forms, when I send in the application for the adjustment of status.
I guess they don't execpt that... oh I don't know what to think anymore. It is getting me. I feel so down and depressed, it's not funny anymore.
Going to spend a few hours again tomorrow, trying to get a hold of them, if not then maybe another letter will do the trick. Hubby emailed the Senator of MI but no response so far.
We just can not afford to pay another $325,00. Most of the money we made during tax season went towards paying of 5 credit cards hubby's ex made - she falsified his name and he was ordered by court to pay half of it. Yep, justice stinks big time in the USA.
It's a relief those things are paid off but still, makes me mad that I work to pay off for things she did. Ohhh that's a different story lol
Then today we needed to have our Jeep fixed which was $395 in total.
Ugh.. I can't even think of anything pleasant right now lol sad uh?
No need to respond to the story, just wanted to vent.


Well things ok here. Being real hot and jhumid again since today so I am staying inside as much as I can.
Here are some graveyard pictures I promised Marie!

These are from the Netherlands.
The top one is from an old graveyard. Nowadays graveyards in the Netherlands are much more apart and surrounded by nature.
The bottom one is something you used to see a lot in the early 1900. Ppl could not afford ingravings that would last a long time so what they did was with black ink or marker, redo the name and date on the stone.

These are from the Netherlands as well. From one of the islands called Texel.
Lots of sailor men there, hence the bottom picture.

These are from the Netherlands also. A few childrens graves. The bottom one has clearly been taken care of even if the child died in 1944

More Dutch ones

These ones are from Demark, specificly the Island Funen. Most beautiful graveyards they have there. Very, very well taken care off and full of green. It is also very common there to show on the grave what profession you had in life.

I have so many more pics of graveyard but I got so lost in looking at old pictures that this is it for now lol
I have many more from Belgium, Germany and Canada but I will keep those for a rainy/humid day cause like I said going through all the pictures was time consuming! lol

Message for Mantari

Mantari, I have a question for you. Years and years ago I watched Essen und Trinken on the German tv. They had a program about flourless cakes and such. I found their website but can't find any flourless things on there and I am not quite sure how to formulate a search on Google.
Could you help me out?

Web Site!

Well I have made me a small web site. I am going to display my home made kaleidoscope cards there. Hopefully I will be able to set it up so that ppl can buy them online. Just going to see if that would work.
All the proceeds will go to our trip to the Netherlands May 2007 for my mum's 75th birthday. :)
Feel free to take a peek and if you have any comments or suggestions, let me know!