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Well things ok here. Being real hot and jhumid again since today so I am staying inside as much as I can.
Here are some graveyard pictures I promised Marie!

These are from the Netherlands.
The top one is from an old graveyard. Nowadays graveyards in the Netherlands are much more apart and surrounded by nature.
The bottom one is something you used to see a lot in the early 1900. Ppl could not afford ingravings that would last a long time so what they did was with black ink or marker, redo the name and date on the stone.

These are from the Netherlands as well. From one of the islands called Texel.
Lots of sailor men there, hence the bottom picture.

These are from the Netherlands also. A few childrens graves. The bottom one has clearly been taken care of even if the child died in 1944

More Dutch ones

These ones are from Demark, specificly the Island Funen. Most beautiful graveyards they have there. Very, very well taken care off and full of green. It is also very common there to show on the grave what profession you had in life.

I have so many more pics of graveyard but I got so lost in looking at old pictures that this is it for now lol
I have many more from Belgium, Germany and Canada but I will keep those for a rainy/humid day cause like I said going through all the pictures was time consuming! lol

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