twinklinggeek (twinklinggeek) wrote,

Odds and ends

Well time for an update here too. Been a bit down the last few days.
Last week got a letter from the Visa Center about having my fingerprints taken on 8-23-06 in Detroit. Good News and I was very happy.
2 days later, another letter about the fact that they could not process my application further cause papers are missing... pls send us the blah blah forms....
I already send them those last August, plus the money ($325,00!!!) and every W2, checkstub and whatnot they wanted. Been trying to get a hold of someone there but of course nada. Left 2 messages already for them to pls call me back but zip.
I had made copies of all the forms stating they received the money and forms, when I send in the application for the adjustment of status.
I guess they don't execpt that... oh I don't know what to think anymore. It is getting me. I feel so down and depressed, it's not funny anymore.
Going to spend a few hours again tomorrow, trying to get a hold of them, if not then maybe another letter will do the trick. Hubby emailed the Senator of MI but no response so far.
We just can not afford to pay another $325,00. Most of the money we made during tax season went towards paying of 5 credit cards hubby's ex made - she falsified his name and he was ordered by court to pay half of it. Yep, justice stinks big time in the USA.
It's a relief those things are paid off but still, makes me mad that I work to pay off for things she did. Ohhh that's a different story lol
Then today we needed to have our Jeep fixed which was $395 in total.
Ugh.. I can't even think of anything pleasant right now lol sad uh?
No need to respond to the story, just wanted to vent.

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