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Well my day didn't go as planed. And first note to self, stop posting only when things go bad LOL

Hubby came home from work today with numbness in his arm again and his feet absolutly killing him. He is going to the doc tomorrow to have it checked out once more.

He feels he wants to retire cause his feet hurt so bad that it is getting to hard for him to be on his feet 8 hours a day.
I wouldn't mind him retiring right now - we set the date for Sept 1st 07 - but the fact is we will have money problems. We will get $700 a month less income which is a lot.
A few things we can do without...
cable tv, 2nd car would have to go, get rid of the fax machine and only have 1 line, get rid of magazine subscriptions etc. We are already refinancing the house so that will help too.

I just feel so scared that we will be in financial trouble. I know I am the kind of person who needs overview and right now I can not see straight anymore due to worries.
I will get a job myself as soon as I have my ssn and do what my body lets me to help.

Another thing is that hubby's ex will be getting $400 a month of his pension which was odered by the court in the divorce. Total bullshit if you ask me, but there is nothing we can do.
That means we will only have around 1500 a month income... we can't make it on that.

I see that he just can't do it anymore and I hurt for him. But I am so scared right now, it isn't funny anymore.
I see him being angry at himself for not being able to do it anymore. Wis I could say, hon retire, we can make it.... but I can't cause I am so frigging scared.
We had set the date in next yr so we would have time to look for another smaller home and work towards it but it doesn't seem Jack will be able to work anymore for long.

Just don't know what to do right now.
If anyone has any idea's, siggestions, please share!

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