Geek down again

Well peeps it happened again. The Geek is down again.
I would advice ppl NOT to visit that website he posts cause he will probably lock IP numbers and God knows what he can do.
I have not heard back from our computer friend yet. If I have not heard from him after the weekend I will call or email him again.
But I keep thinking there must be something Invision could do? Like I said before, we can not be the only site who has problems.
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After Birthday Day

Well yesterday was my 44th birthday. Had a blast! Spoiled by hubby with a beautiful card, choccies, wonderful roses and carnations, breakfast in bed!
Cards, e-cards, video messages and phone calls from friends and family.
Went for dinner at red Lobster where I had lobster again since 20/25 years ago. Lobster is very yummie though I am not one of the ppl who go crazy over it. It is not cheap but the food there was excellent! We had stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer and by golly was it ever good! Jack had linguine with shrimp and he loved it! I tasted it of course and it was scrumptious. Their cheddar biscuits were to die for and their salads out of this world.

Ok enough ranting lol
Marie send me this very very lovely flower arrangement. Gosh it was such a lovely surprise and it is standing here on top of the tv so I have a good view of it! Hope you can all see it!


The Geek down.

Well it seems the Geek is down again. Now even when skipping the front page you get a nasty long poem and someone clearly mocking the Geek.
There should be someway we can log the persons IP number and report them or something?
I have send the page to a friend of hubby's who is great with tracking ppl down. I will ask him and see what he can do.

Poor Viva!

Poor Viva.. she is not feeling well today. Hubby went golfing with a friend and I went to the vet, for some worm pills and to the grocery store... when I came back, Viva had had an accident.
Throughout the living room there was thin poop. The poor things has diarrhea :(
She looks so sad.. no clue what brought it on but she is basically laying on her bed almost all day. She has not eaten yet but at least she is drinking. Gawd it makes me feel awful seeing her like this. Can not believe people can treat animals bad... I almost cry when I see her like this and I can't do anything lol
Hopefully by tomorrow everything will be okidokie again.
Right now I am making a big pot of home made chicken soup! YUM-O!

Another week has gone by...

Well another week has past.
Time flies by so quickly, that I feel soon I will be getting the Christmas tree and stuff out of the basement again! lol
Oh btw I just tried for 15 min to get a picture to display next to my name but all I get is error messages. I have to look into this some more. Right now I don't get it!

Last week I have had frequent walks with Viva, my half wired Jack Russell. She is a light in my life. When ever I see her I smile. Last weekend we were at a little park here in town. I love to go there cause it has lots of trees and shade for when it gets really hot. Anyway, there is a little pond in the park too and apart from Viva having a blast running through the grass, she loves to chase the ducks back into the pond. This time she tried to get into the water but being the lady that she is... she could not find a proper spot to walk down into the water rather then splashing into it. We have never seen her swim so I didn't know what she would do. Viva decided not to get into the water but to sniff all around the edge of the pond. Poor Viva did not see the timy little frog ( nor did I) that was right under her nose while she was sniffing out some stones near the water.
All of a sudden the frog jumped back into the pond... OMG VIva jumped like 3 feet in the air! And that for her with 15 pound in excess weight that is a lot! I had to laugh so hard... I could not stop! :D
She sat back, ears perked up and head tilted.. omg she looked so cute I could eat her right there and then!
After she thought everything was safe again she proceeded to investigate the edge of the pond... but she didn't walk up just like that... nope, she stayed about 3 feet away from it and planted her hind legs firmly in the ground and stretched her body and forelegs as best as she could.. stuck out her nose and kinda scooted along the edge.
Why do I never have my camera with me when I need it!!!
It was hillarious. She cracks me up everytime.

Ok so far the Viva stories. Let's see what else happend. Hubby got another weeks vacation so right now we are enjoying that.
Oh yeah and the police were at our house early Tuesday morning. The neighbour lady was missing! If we had seen anything, when did we see her last etc etc.
Things turned out ok though. She came back home somewhere Wednesday. I have no clue what happend or why she left. I saw her husband this morning and asked if everything was ok. He said she came back yesterday and I did not ask any further. We are not that close. Just a hi how are ya etc.

Right now the humidity is not too bad here. Tomorrow and over the weekend it will be nice but after that the humidity will return. I don't handle the humidity that well. So I enjoy the days when it is cooler.
I look out into the yard while sitting behind the computer and I see the fire flies emerging. I can sit outside the whole evening and enjoy watching the fire flies. I absolutely love them.

Well I think that is my story of this passing week. As you can read I did nothing really exciting lol but I kinda like my life as it is right now.
Have a great weekend all!

Just another day

Well lets see what I did today, got up at 6 am and make sure hubby was off to a good start and Viva had her breakfast. I went back to bed after Jack left for work. Got up at 9, took a shower and went to get a haircut. Had to wait a little while so I bought a few birthday cards for upcoming birthdays of friends and family. Decided to get my eyebrows waxed after the haircut... I know, I know, I am lazy not doing it myself but God provided me with very strong eyebrows and it hurts like hell when I do it myself. This way I prevent myself from walking around with one nice shaped brow and one bushy one! Was a good thing the sun shined cause I looked like someone had beaten me up... nice and red above the eyes from the waxing. So my trusty sunglasses on and back home where Viva was happily waiting my return.
After playing with her in the yard - she loves to play fetch the ball - made some lunch consisting of fruit, a wasa cracker with cheese and milk.
Then I decided to make dinner already so I only had to warm it up. Yup I don't mind microwaving... that way everyone can eat when they want to.
For Jack I made pork chops, mushrooms, onions, mashed potatoes and fresh green beans. For myself I made something I had not had in almost 3 years. Minced beef, onions, mushrooms, courgettes and Kerrie sauce (a cousin of mine send a couple of packs over... it is YUM and I can not buy it here) It is a great sauce over Pasta. So that is what I made. You can also use tuna instead of beef.
Anyway, the mixture is all mixed together and then I wanted to use ellbow macaroni... don't know what it is but I just LOVE ellbow macaroni... to my own shock I was out of it! lmao @ me... I can be so silly... Jack thought the wolrd was going under! Well I found a pack of noodles and that works just as well lol
After that was all done, I took Viva for a walk in the park which she loves. When we got home, Jack was home.
I did not do much anymore after that, watched Brat Camp which I taped last night and ate dinner. Just came back from another walk with Viva, this time just a quick spin around the block cause my hip is starting to hurt. Jack loved his dinner as usual lol don't think I made something yet he didn't like!
So right now it is a little after 7 and I site at the computer next to the screen door out onto the deck. It is lovely outside. The humidity finally left us! Woooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooo\
Thats it for tonight folks.
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